[Lesson 5/5] My First Fist Fight On A Baseball Field

“Have you ever been in a fight?” I get asked this question from time to time. I have a few stories I will not share with you. But I do have one baseball fight story from the field. It was awesome. I am a lover, not a fighter. I have never started a fight, and do not plan starting a fight anytime soon.

*Before I start…I am NOT encouraging fighting on the baseball field. The weak minding throw fist. But sometimes, it… just… happens… * Pitching I was in the middle of nowhere Virginia for college summer baseball. This game was like any other game. It was late in the night and I had to stretch just in case the current pitcher got into trouble. While the bullpen catcher and I were getting loose, some trouble started.

Our first basemen Andy, also my summer roommate, close lined a runner as he crossed first base. It was not intentional. He was catching a bad throw and the runner found his face in Andy’s arm. Andy is a pretty muscular guy from Pennsylvania (Picture a big brown man beard). So when this runner got closed lined, and called out by the umpire, laying on the ground, he was pretty pissed.

But no fight happened yet…. Turns out Andy “did not apologize” and just threw the ball back to the pitcher for the next batter, like nothing happened. Andy was cool like that (He had swag). This upset the other team and they got hyped up in the dugout. They were ready to fight, meanwhile I was clueless in far away left field bullpen. Just chillin.

We record the last out of the game. We start to shake hands in typical post game fashion. I jog in from the bullpen to high-five my teammates and be a “good sport” to the opposing team. After we shook hands, our paths had to cross again in order to return to our own dugouts. Then our previously upset, closed lined opponent, starts to talk trash to Andy….

The Fight

 Andy turned around, walked over to him. Without saying a word, Andy shoved him in the face! That guy goes flying, and both teams submerge on each other. People are yelling pushing and chaos is all around. Somehow being last in line to shake hands, I end up am right in the middle of a huge brawl! I extend my hands and yell “NO NO NO!”  I have my hands gripped onto some random guy and people start flying into the middle yelling.  I am hearing tons a F bombs dropped and spit and sweat is everywhere. Then the force of 30 opponents sends me flying. All the sudden I go from the middle of the brawl, to the outskirts of the brawl. I see two players jump over their team and throw fist at Andy. He is on the ground bench pressing people while our team is exploding with fury in protection. It is loud. It is fast. And it is scary.

I remember picturing in my head, 30 on 30 with players wearing metal spikes. It could have been a terrible scene. I didn’t want that, nobody did. But sometimes a few hot heads start a brawl. Luckily there was not a 30 on 30 fist fight and this ended quickly. Nobody got hurt….badly. 

Prepare For Battle

I hope you never get in a fist fight. But if you do, are you ready? Are you strong enough to protect yourself?

Fast twitch muscle fibers grow bigger and stronger than their slow twitch counterparts. If a fight does come, it is the strong guys who win. Are your muscles fight ready? Or are you going to get whooped? I hope not!

I want you to be a protector for your team. I want you, to be the leader. I want you to be the biggest and the strongest player on your team. When a fight does come, you will be ready for battle.

I get emails from players wanting to gain weight,  and throw harder. Rightfully so. Sometimes those last few miles per hour on your fastball, are the hardest to get. A change in your mechanics will not get you from 89 mph to 90 mph. The extra few pounds of functional muscle, is the secret.

You need to gain the most functional muscle as possible. Pitcher weight gain is a prominent benefactor in the major leagues. I picked a major league roster at random (The 2014 Astros). Their average weight for their pitching roster was 218 pounds. That is just the average, many guys weigh more.

What do major league pitchers know that enables them to gain and keep on weight?

Major League Pitchers train their fast twitch muscle fibers to adapt, grow and recover functionally based on muscle physiologic and metabolic characteristics. 

The First Step

With the appropriate knowledge of your muscle fibers, you can gain functional strength and gain weight fast.

For example: Did you know “A muscle fiber is made up of approximately 20 percent protein. You can change the muscle fiber functionally by modifying the protein in the muscle fiber. Proteins in your body are constantly changing and balancing between protein synthesis or protein degradation. If the protein is experiencing more synthesis than degradation, than this indicates an anabolic state. If the protein is experiencing more breakdown than synthesis, this indicates a catabolic state that burns lean tissue. When degradation exceeds synthesis, the protein content is reduced, and the muscle atrophies.” From Fastball Muscle: Your First Step To 90+ Miles per Hour.

This is a quote from my eBook “Fastball Muscle: Your First Step To 90+ Miles Per Hour.” Available to you today.

Your muscles are constantly changing. Overall, this is a very healthy machine that removes waste and builds new proteins. As an elite athlete, the negative side effect of protein turnover, is loss in muscle and weight.

So how do we stop this madness!?

Muscles, are not simple. They are highly adaptable and have many characteristics that you must understand and apple to your training and nutrition.  Here is a way to combat muscle atrophy:

Because protein turnover is constant, exercise maintenance and nutrient intervention are vital to maintain positive muscle adaptations. One way to stimulate protein synthesis and limit protein breakdown is to keep a sufficient supply of amino acids in your diet. As an elite athlete, the optimal amount of protein consumption in your daily diet is .9 to 1.25 grams per pound of body weight (2.0 to 2.7 grams of protein per kilogram). For me in college, weighing 210 pounds, I had to consume 189 g to 262.5 g of protein every day. Yes that’s sound like a lot, but with some intentionality, you can get this done. I will show you how.” Fastball Muscle: Your First Step To 90+ MPH

That’s just one practical tip to help you gain weight and throw harder. There is a lot more to help you. Superman on the pitcher’s mound is coming soon.

In order to learn, how muscles really grow stronger, and what you can do about it. Read this eBook and you can train everyday with confidence that you are doing the correct training to accomplish your 90+ mile per hour goals.

Is Your Career Being Destroyed By Great Coach’s?

There is a lot of nice coaches out there. There is a lot of great baseball coaches out there. But most of them do not know a thing about the science of muscle. It is possible to train the wrong way, and create slow muscle that will hold you back. The truth is, this type of hindering training is everywhere today. It’s unfortunate. But it’s true.

I have heard a coach tell a player, “You need to gain weight for next season. Eat a lot of ice cream and drink beer every day. This will help you get the body weight you need for the draft.” Yes. He actually said that.

He may be dumbest person on the planet. At the time, I wanted to slap him.

But I took a deep breathe, calmed down and decided to spread the right fastball knowledge to the world. You can overcome bad strength coaching and trusted fat guy “experience.” And start to take control of your future. With the right knowledge of…

  • Muscle Fiber Adaptation
  • Energy Systems
  • Progressive Overload
  • Gene Transcription
  • Protein Turnover
  • And Much More…

My eBook: Fastball Muscle – Your First Step To 90+ Miles Per Hour

This is Timeless… Everything in this eBook will help you throw harder, and it is knowledge usable after your baseball career. (One reason I am still jacked today!)

Today, I am making it available to you on Amazon. I want you to have an early copy. In exchange, do me a favor and email me back an honest review of the book and what you learned.

Get Pissed

 Fastball Muscle: Your First Step To 90+ MPH is going to piss off some baseball coaches. I am bound to get some emails from old guys who hate on me. I don’t care. Sometimes the truth hurts. At first, when you tell your coach he is wrong he will give some push back. But give him some time, show him the facts (from me). He will come around.

Here is what to do:

Click on the  “Buy Now” button. Get this book before the hard copy is even available to general public.




I have a 365 day, 100% happiness guarantee on all my material. That means, if you do not like it, I will give back your money no questions asked. So its risk free.

Remember, each day is a day closer to draft day. Study up now, get huge results later.

Share this with your friends. Superman knowledge is worth sharing. Your friends and teammates need to hear this message too.



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