“How My Fastball Speed Increased From 85 Miles Per Hour To 95 Miles Per Hour, With Science.”

Houston, Texas

Dear Friend,

Picture this, you are on the mound. The baseball is in rolling in your hand. You stare down the hitter. You wind up and throw a fastball 95 mph past his swinging bat. The catcher’s glove explodes with a crack that echoes throughout the entire baseball stadium. Its strike three, the crowd goes crazy. Your adrenaline is pumping through your bloodstream. All the hard work has just paid off. You YELL with excitement and beat your chest.

Nobody Can Touch You.

That feeling, is the best feeling in the world. I have been there. You can have that same experience. I will show you how.

Pitchers Throw Cheese

My Junior year of college I threw the baseball 95 mph. Yea, that’s fast. Only a handful of people in the world can say, “I pitch in the mid-90s.” It is an amazing feeling. There is nothing like it.

So how did I do it? Most people would come up with a lot of random reasons. “He had a God given arm” or “He just got lucky with talent.” If you catch yourself saying this, I have news for you…

You are dead wrong.

“Luck” is really just an excuse. What they really mean is, “I can’t do it, so he must be lucky.” Don’t be that guy.

The reason you don’t understand how to throw a baseball fast, is not because you are “unlucky” with a weak arm.  But rather, you have a lack of knowledge of your full human potential. With the right understanding of how your muscles produce energy, recover, and grow, you can take your 85 mph fastball to 95 mph, just like I did.

Let me tell you my story. How my fastball went from 85 mph my senior year of high school, to a 95 mph fastball in just three years.  It is possible. Throwing “cheese” is easier than you think.

Here is a picture of me in high school:



Yea, I look like a nerd. No wonder I only threw 85 mph. Anyways, moving on…

I loved baseball back then. We had a great team and I was one of the “go-to” pitchers. I didn’t have much of a fastball (83 to 85 MPH), so I went to my breaking ball a lot. I remember making up pitches in practice. There was a point where I threw a “slurve” (A cross between a curve ball and a slider).  Anything to get a hitter out, I would try it!

I had a good showing at a college tryout and got a small scholarship to a division 1 school [The University of Texas at San Antonio]. I was excited and loved my opportunity. My goal was higher than just making  a Division 1 team. I wanted to be the best pitcher on the staff and to win a championship.

Long story short, we had an awesome year. My team took home the Southland Conference Championship.

I still have the championship ring from my freshmen year.

I am on the bottom. It was awesome!

After that awesome championship…

I Had New Goals.

I wanted to throw faster (90 MPH), get stronger, and get drafted after my junior year.

I knew I had “potential to throw faster than 85 mph.” 

I didn’t know how I was going to reach that potential. [Does that remind you of anyone?]

Flashback to my freshmen year >>>> I trained hard in the weight room. My freshmen year work ethic (along with some light beers) lead to growing stronger and bigger. I noticed that every  5 pounds I gained, would add on potentially 1 – 2 mph to my fastball. So me, using my simple (silly) logic, decided I would dedicate my training to gaining the most weight possible.

At first it was a struggle….I was 6″2, 183 pounds, and not seeing the miles per hour speed increase I wanted on my fastball. My fastball hit a plateau. It was like an invisible ceiling that I could not break through. I tried everything, and nothing worked.


Example of a Fastball Plateau

I was frustrated.

My sophomore year, on a baseball road-trip I was at a book store. I grabbed some books and started to study physiology and nutrition.

I was on a bus researching my butt off. The rest of the bus was texting their girlfriends. I wanted to be the best. [This has to be you! You must want success more than anyone else. Your standards for yourself must be raised. Starting today.]

The Major Research Breakthrough…

Things changed when I discovered a new science that has been making major breakthroughs in elite athletes. Nutrient intervention was taking advantage of the most important aspect of metabolic timing in your body, the anabolic window.

Timing Is Everything

As my research advanced , I quickly learned, my nutrition plan was less about upping my protein intake and decreases sugar, and more about when specific nutrients and supplements entered my system.

As I tested these theories, I discovered massive improvements combining timing  and elite nutrition. I could not believe the results. The baseball started to fly out of my hand. I gained muscle faster than ever. My weight room lifts increased. I was less sore and recovered faster from training. Most of all, I was reaching my goal of 92 to 95 MPH every outing. 

New Fastball Velocity Chart With Nutrient Intervention

I crushed my velocity plateaus and started to reach my goals.

I was progressing so quickly, I had to set new goals. The day I threw the baseball 95 MPH, I was surprised! I never thought I would throw that hard. It was an awesome feeling.

I had the thought, “No wonder major league baseball pitchers can do it for 162 games, they have all this research already.”

For some reason I didn’t tell anyone the research I studied and the testing I experienced.

Then one day it clicked…”Pitchers need to hear this message. Someone out there could make it to the big leagues because of me.

So I developed the…



package tcns

This nutrient system takes advantage of a new dimension of sports nutrition – Time. Minimizing muscle damage and soreness after a hard workout. Your past performance “plateaus” will be a distant memory.

By taking full advantage of the Throw Cheese Nutrient System, you can build more lean muscle, lose bad fat, and gain more power on your fastball without changing your current workout or total caloric intake.

This program will not just help you throw the baseball much faster, but it will give you timeless nutrition knowledge that you can use well beyond your baseball career. (Even though I hope you have to retire a long time from now from what you learn here!)

I will show you how apply the latest findings to change the way your body builds muscle, burns fat, and stores energy for your next workout. The number of times per week you will be able to lift hard and throw fast, will amaze you.

The Future Of Baseball Nutrition

In the past 20 years, exercise physiologist and nutritionist have heavily researched the effect of increase protein consumption on strength and muscle growth. The results of these studies were staggering. Old nutrition concepts will quickly changed and new ideas we accepted. Consuming a lot more protein, led to great results in strength athletes. So protein the logic was to focus your nutrition efforts on protein. This in turn, took away attention from carbohydrates.

Have you heard this before? “Eat more protein, it’s good for you.” Of course you have.

Here is the issue, you can eat an entire buffalo, but if your muscles are not in the correct receptive  state, the nutrients are wasted. Let me say it again, the nutrients are WASTED.

Bulk Nutrition Is Not The Answer

This type of “bulk nutrition” has lead to a training gains that were limited. As knowledge of sports nutrition grew, many elite athletes stated to notice a “plateau phenomenon.” At a certain point in training, muscles would experience a halt in growth.

This new dimension of time based nutrient research – Throw Cheese Nutrient System –  is powerful confirmation that focusing on the correct nutrients at the right time in training, is far more important than just what you  randomly consume daily- “I would know. It worked for me.”

When you consume nutrients is far more important than What.”

Muscle goes through a 24 hour growth cycle. There is a period where the muscles produces energy (Power). There is a period of recovery (Anabolic). Then there is a period of growth (Rebuild). For metabolic system to function at its best during those periods, requires the appropriate amounts and types of nutrients. [Metabolic system, is a term used to describe the parts, chemicals and hormones required to grow muscles. Muscle is a major part of throwing the baseball fast….You get the picture.]

Depending on metabolic needs (what your muscles need to grow), muscle system can be directed to replenish muscle glycogen (energy storage) and synthesize muscle proteins (the method of which muscles are constructed). Both of these important muscle aspects require different nutrients.

If you deliver the right nutrients at the right time, you greatly enhance -> muscle growth, strength and power. All things you need to throw the baseball lighting fast. Boom! I can hear the glove “popping” now.

To surpass your training plateaus, the key is when.

The Throw Cheese Nutrient System is cutting edge scientific insights into exercise, metabolism, physiology and nutrition.

[A science lesson for nerds like me; If you don’t like digging into the nuts and bolts of muscle development for pitchers, you can skip this section:]

There are 3 primary phases in muscle development. The Power Stage, the Anabolic Stage and the Rebuild Stage.

The Power Stage: During this phase, the primary objective of the muscle is to release enough energy to sufficiently propel muscle contraction. Either during training or while you are pitching. Most pitchers recognize the importance of consuming carbohydrates during training. Carbohydrates prevent the depletion of muscle glycogen (which extends your endurance) and helps maintain blood glucose levels (which delays fatigue).Pitching

The Throw Cheese Nutrient System will tell you more than to just consume carbohydrates during exercise. Research shows, that when you consume carbohydrates with protein, specific amino acids and vitamins, you will experience greater gains than just consuming these nutrients separately.  You will be able to spare muscle glycogen (Your back-up energy storage) and accomplish greater muscle stamina, limit the rise of the hormone cortisol (Reducing muscle damage – I touch on hormones more later VERY IMPORTANT) and help prepare enzymes for faster recovery following your workout.

[Basically, your teammates will be wondering where you get all your energy to keep going and why you are growing so strong. In turn, you will quickly gain velocity on your fastball and have greater stamina on the mound.  After a awhile, you will acquire nicknames like “machine” and “super-man.” That is when it gets fun. You will smile and be thanking me.]

The next phase in muscle growth, the Anabolic stage…Pitching

The Anabolic Stage: This phase of muscle growth is the 45 minute window following a workout. With the right combination of nutrients, this phase initiates repair of the damaged muscle protein, and replenishes muscle glycogen stores (where muscle energy is stored). Right after you finish a workout, your muscles are extremely sensitive to a hormone called insulin.  Insulin is key to muscle growth. Although this muscle sensitivity is high immediately after your workout, this sensitivity declines rapidly. Within a few hours your muscle cells can become insulin resistant (NOT good). If your muscle become insulin resistant you see dramatic slows in muscle glycogen recovery, muscle repair, and creation of new muscle. Don’t let this happen.


Anabolic Activity Window

As you can see, this opportunity, declines quickly!

You must take advantage of this “window” of time. I will show you how.

As you go through the Throw Cheese Nutrient System, you will learn why the consumption of carbohydrates during this 45 minute window is so important. You will learn about driving muscle glycogen recovery, muscle tissue repair and creation of new muscle (protein synthesis). Also you will learn how protein, consumed without carbohydrates, is far less effective! And you will learn why specific antioxidants can boost muscle recovery (Vitamins C and E etc.).

The Re-Build Stage: This phase begins at the end of the Anabolic Stage and continues until your next workout. During this phase the muscle enzymes (proteins that speed up chemical reactions ) help increase the number of contractile proteins (what causes the muscle to flex ) and help increase the size of the muscle fibers (why you look so jacked). These enzymes also help replenish muscle glycogen storage (muscle energy storage) used up during the Power Stage.Pitching

The Rebuild stage is just as vital as the previous two stages. During this phase, you must continue to eat carbohydrates and proteins to maintain optimal muscle growth. Including the correct intervals between consumption. Protein consumed at the right time pays off with huge increases for any strength athlete. Especially pitchers looking to throw gas (By “gas”  I mean really hard fastballs that make hitters look stupid). If you follow the Throw Cheese Nutrient System, you will be able to sustain a high “anabolic state”, restore muscle energy, repair the damaged muscle tissue, create new muscle, and see fastball velocity gains that will light up radar guns.

To show an example of the importance of timing your nutrition, especially protein and carbohydrates after your workout. See the graph comparison below.  If you wait until 3 hours after your exercise, your gains are drastically hindered. 


Nutrient consumption immediately after exercise vs 3 hours later

The above graph is one important example of many, that show the HUGE difference nutrition availability + timing have on your muscle adaptation. Glucose uptake, glycogen storage and protein synthesis are are important to your fastball velocity gains. If nutrition delay holds them back, then your fastball will be held back as well.

You must consume protein and carbohydrates after workouts and pitching sessions.

I took advantage of this research. The results…


My Junior Year Of College Baseball

I was still 6 feet 2 inches tall…Now I weighed 215 pounds and throwing the baseball 95 mph.

There is no doubt it takes hard work to be an elite baseball pitcher.

Can your hard-work result in greater gains and faster velocity on the pitchers mound? With my help, the answer is YES.



Will Transform You Into

An Elite High Performance Athlete


The Throw Cheese Nutrient System is a 3 part course that represents 3 stages of muscle growth for an elite athlete.  Each day you train, you will go through a 3 part change in muscle adaptation. You will relay heavily on the knowledge you learn here in the Throw Cheese Nutrient System. Here is what you will learn in each of the 3 courses in detail…

Here is what to expect…

Throw Cheese Nutrient System: The Power Stage CoursePitching

The power stage begins 10 minutes prior to your training, and continues during your training. Here is what you learn for this important stage of muscle growth:

  • Learn what energy systems you use during high intensity training, and what fuel your muscles need during this time frame
  • Learn what hormone changes are occurring and what hormones assist immediately during workouts and throughout your day
  • Specifically learn about cortisol, the enemy hormone (One of the leading causes of performance plateaus).
  • We go over protein balance, and how your training changes your bodies reliance on protein.
  • Learn about muscle fiber damage, the good damage and the bad.Pitching
  • Learn about muscle damage markers and how to neutralize them with nutrients.
  • Learn how to strengthen your immune system by adding certain elements to your diet.
  • You will learn the metabolic activity occurring during your training and why its important.
  • We will also walk through goal prioritization during this stage, what is most important for your muscles right away.
  • Learn how to increase nutrient supply while preserving muscle glycogen and muscle protein.
  • Learn how to increase exercise endurance by adding certain nutrition elements while your train
  • Learn how to minimize muscle damage during training and what you can do to lower negative muscle damage markers.

and most importantly….

Learn how to set up your muscles for faster recovery post workout.

This all starts 10 minutes prior to your training and during your training.

Then we will walk into the exact supplement recommendations to consider during this stage of muscle growth and why.

We will talk about the exact measurements of supplementation during the Power Stage.

The end results…

You train harder, longer and recover faster…

Throw Cheese Nutrient System: The Anabolic Stage CoursePitching

The Anabolic Stage begins immediately following your workout and continues until 120 minutes after your training. Here is the powerful time period when you can change your muscle recovery by spiking certain hormones and increasing nutrient availability. The Anabolic Stage course is full of published studies that show vital importance of nutrient intervention during this stage of muscle growth.

Here is what you learn in this course…Pitching

  • Protein turnover, how your body uses protein during training and continues to break it down after your training. (Good news, you can stop it)
  • You learn about the anabolic switch that takes place by nutrient intervention
  • You learn how the added blood flow from training, that can be used to transport required nutrients
  • You will learn about insulin resistance
  • You will see studies comparing certain timing of nutrients and the dramatic results
  • You will compare studies regarding amino acid uptake and protein synthesis

We also walk through the goals of anabolic stage nutrition

  • How to shift you metabolic state of your muscles
  • How to increase metabolic waste removal after exercise
  • How to restore muscle glycogen
  • How to initiate proper muscle repair
  • How to reduce muscle damage post workout and strengthen immune system

You will also see studies that compare different post workout susupplementation and the net result

  • You will see the difference between carbohydrate vs amino acid vs carbohydrate/amino acid supplementation
  • You will see antioxidant supplementation studies and how it reduces muscle damage

And next…

Then we walk through the exact supplementation to consider during the Anabolic Stage of muscle growth. Including measurements based on your weight and size. So you can customize your nutrient needs.

The result…

You  recover faster and gain more strength per workout. Your fastball velocity increases in LESS time.

Throw Cheese Nutrient System: The Rebuild Stage CoursePitching

After a successful application of the Anabolic Stage, the Rebuild Stage begins and continues until the next time you train the following day. This course, teaches you how to maintain the metabolic levels of activity throughout you entire day. Which leads to quicker muscle development and greater net growth from workouts.  

Here is what you will learn in the Rebuild Stage…Pitching

  • How to maintain insulin levels throughout your recovery, and studies to show why this is good as an elite athlete
  • How to maintain protein synthesis during the rebuild stage
  • How to maintain a positive nitrogen balance 
  • You will learn the optimal amount of protein to consume each day, based on studies presented
  • How protein turnover can lead to greater synthesis rather than degradation with rebuild stage nutrition

Then, learn the exact supplementation during the Rebuild Stage to maximize muscle growth throughout your day.

This consistent gain during your recovery period leads incredible strength gains that help you have more strength on the pitchers mound. 

The results…

You maximize your strength gain and recovery by supplying your system correctly during the 24 hour muscle growth cycle. Leading to faster recovery for your next hard workout.

 This Knowledge Will Change Everything

These courses teach you the elite nutrition knowledge to enable you to customize your own nutrition system plan based on research and facts. Remember, this is not a diet plan. The Throw Cheese Nutrient System courses are elite-athlete nutrition training courses.

You Should Expect Results

What results should you expect from these courses? You should feel an immediate change in energy and strength. Especially the first 3 months of training. But this course is not only a quick fix, that just fades away. These adaptations you experience will cause long term positive changes. You should expect this knowledge to change your outlook on sports nutrition. Also, you should expect to see your performance output increase. Measure your current weight room lifts (1 rep max). Then measure your current fastball velocity. Prepare to watch your performance excel at a faster rate than ever before.

Also, track your energy level. Notice the extended endurance and the ability to last longer each training session. Feel how quickly you recover. Notice how many “good” days you continue to experience.  With the Throw Cheese Nutrient System, you should feel more energy and see measurable results. You will last longer and train harder each day. From this day forward, your hard work will lead to tangible gains. 

Get Excited!

Don’t forget to smile when you friends talk about you getting bigger and stronger.

Be The Next Success Story

To be the next great success story, you must work extremely hard. Harder than anyone on your team. With these courses, you will be able to out work, out perform and out last your competition.

With this program, you can keep you current workouts the same. You don’t have to change your pitching mechanics or learn a new drill. You dont need to try the latest stretch yoga tape or special core workout. You don’t have to change your training…

You learn scientific facts about elite athlete nutrition. Which leads to research based muscle adaptations that directly aid performance.

You will build the next great athlete. 



Matt Landers High School Junior

1) “Hi Zach,

Just wanted to let you know that my dad found your program last week and I’ve been using it during my workouts for the past few days. Maybe I’m not typical, but I’ve definitely got faster recovery from workouts and more energy as well. Today was upper body day. After crushing my workout and getting home from school (I’m a HS junior), I got word from my club team coach to report to the training center this evening to throw a bullpen session for the coach from Boston College. Not only did I have absolutely NO pain or fatigue, I was throwing cheese in the high 80’s at least 3-4 mph faster than usual. Could not believe it. I’m a total believer.

Thanks so much,

Matt Landers”

2) “Hey Zach,
I just want to say thanks for making the nutrition system, it really has helped me have a greater base of energy during my workouts.  I think I even purchased it after just the second day you started offering it online.  Anyways I just read the rebuild stage and I’m really excited to implement it into my day at school.  I currently am a 6’3” 225 Ib division one pitcher ….  I knew improving in the weightroom would help my velocity and that diet was almost as important if not more; but I just never had such a great guide to tell me how to gain proper athletic muscle.  Your program really has been a great comprehensive guide to what I need to do outside of the gym to become great.  So thank you so much….
…I really appreciate your answers, and I really appreciate the work you’ve done…”
-Anonymous (upon request)-
Division 1 Pitcher
3) “I love your work man so keep doing your thing.”
Certified buyer

Awesome! I love getting feedback like this.  Once you start to implement this system, you will feel your progress increase very quickly. Please tell me how your doing. It is very encouraging and it keeps me inspired. If I can change the world in a small way, all this hard work will be worth it. Keep it coming! And keep working hard!


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Here’s to you becoming the elite educated athlete you always dreamed. Lets change baseball together. Let change the world.zach cropped

Thank you for your support!


Zach Calhoon

-Changing pitchers lives all over the world-

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