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“7 Daily Strength Training Habits For High Velocity Pitchers”

Do you really want to throw faster? Train for it. Focus on these 7 things everyday. To download the free checklist. Click below.

By Zach Calhoon

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“18 Rotator Cuff Exercises – For Everyday Shoulder Health”

Here is the exact workout I did before every throwing sessions. You can have it today.

By Zach Calhoon

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Throw_Cheese_Throwing_Program_00The Pitchers Throw Cheese Throwing Program

By: Zach Calhoon

Here is the exact throwing routine I used to throw 95 MPH. Its pretty intense, and not for everyone.

Here is what you get…

  • The exact amount of throws to accomplish each day
  • The expected effort for each phase of throwing
  • Learn when to long toss
  • Learn when to throw your bullpen
  • Have a plan, and stop guessing

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Fastball Muscle: Your First Step to 90+ MPH

“How to train fast twitch functional muscle for pitchers, and stop wasting time.”

By Zach Calhoon

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107 Rotator Cuff Exercises107 Rotator Cuff Exercises 

to Build, Protect and Maintain a Healthy Rotator Cuff for Life

By Zach Calhoon



Check out whats inside…

  • Shoulder anatomy breakdown – The joint, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Know your shoulder from the inside out, so you can dominate shoulder health
  • Shoulder movement defined – How your shoulder should move and the exact names for each movement
  • Common shoulder injuries and how they feel – Avoid tears, impingments, instability, arthritis,  and inflammation at all cost
  • Learn 37 stretches and how they increases rotator cuff flexibility and mobility
  • Learn 18 dumbbell exercises that are simple and useful
  • Learn 19 Resistance bands workouts that actually work
  • Learn 11  Shoulder workouts from the floor. Build strength and stability, with no equipment
  • Learn 14 Advanced strength moves that promote big muscle size and strength
  • Plus the exact shortcut I use to maintain shoulder health for life…
  • And much much more

This eBook Makes Rotator Cuff Health Easy…

107 Rotator Cuff Exercisesbser

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17core box“17 Core Exercises To Increase Pitcher Velocity”

By Zach Calhoon\

Here is my favorite core exercises that I recommend for pitchers. Each lesson has pictures and full details (step by step) how to accomplish these moves. Some workouts are beginners, and some are advanced. All of these moves will help you explode your core and increase your fastball velocity. I love core strength and you should too.

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“7 Leg Exercises To Increase Pitcher Velocity”

By Zach Calhoon

7 cover

There is only a few  things I love more than big biceps, and its huge “Tree Trunk” legs. Its time for you to optimize your most powerful part of your body, your legs. Use these 7 moves to guarantee balanced functional leg strength. Let me know what you think…

Coming soon…

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