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I get asked all the time about the throwing program I used to throw the baseball 95 MPH. I do not like giving out my throwing program. Even though it is a huge reason I threw 95 MPH. Here is the thing…my throwing program is very intense. It is only for advanced pitchers (or those who want to be advanced one day).

Because you have read through the complete details of the Rubber Arm Series. You can use the rubber arm series program (building a mobile and strong posterior cuff) to prepare your shoulder to handle this advanced throwing program.

Without a strong and mobile posterior cuff, most people can’t handle this throwing program. If you care for your arm well, you will advance quickly. Many pitchers just throw, without an plan. Which holds them back to becoming an elite next level pitcher.

But you are going to accomplish this program exactly, diligently and perfectly. Right?

Ok good!

Here is the details about the advanced throwing program I used and how you can benefit…


Have An Exact Routine

As an advanced pitcher, you will be required to calculate your number of throws. That means you must plan out your week. The exact number of throws each day should be programmed.

This is important for development and recovery. You should know which days are high effort throw days, and which days are low effort throw days.

I always teach, bullpens off the pitchers mound, lead to the most wear on your shoulder, and are the hardest to recover from. So you should plan around your bullpens. Be fresh for the bullpen session, and recovery well when you are done.

Active Rest Days

But just because you threw a bullpen the previous day, does not mean you should not throw the next day. An advanced recovery tool is not 100% rest. I highly recommend a full dynamic warm up and stretching routine each day. This will increase blood flow, wake up nerves and help warm up your muscles and joints.  On light throwing days, you still should have the same warm up routine. Take care of your arm, by only programming a small number of throws from a shorter distance. (You will be amazed at your recovery speed)

The Perfect Throwing Program

I had an exact routine based on my needs. I wanted to be a power pitcher. I wanted to throw 95+ with a explosive pitchers body. This requires throwing long toss and throwing bullpens every week. I also threw a specific number of throws from an exact distance. All based on my throwing objectives that day. All of us have a limited number of throws we can accomplish. After awhile you tire and  fatigue and your mechanics suffer. So you must plan out extended distances accordingly. Plus, you need to have your body still be used to throwing downhill. You must practice it to make it happen!

The Pitchers Throw Cheese Throwing Program

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This Course is 100% Digital. 

The Throw Cheese Throwing Program will give you the exact routine I used each week. You can adjust this program to make a custom program based on your needs.

Also you will be guided regarding your level of effort to apply each throw. Some days you will progress slowly. That way, you can “cut it loose” later in the week or the following day.

The Throw Cheese Throwing Program Value – $47.00

Here is what you get…

  • The exact amount of throws to accomplish each day
  • The expected effort for each phase of throwing
  • Learn when to long toss
  • Learn when to throw your bullpen
  • Have a plan, and stop guessing


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The 3 Big Guarantees (or this program is 100% free)— I am so confident in The Throw Cheese Throwing Program I promise 3 big changes in your throwing and your arm. When guaranteeyou complete this program at the end of week 4, if any of these promises are not true, the course is 100% free. Why? I want to help you. If this course doesn’t cause an incredible change in your life, I do not want you to pay for it.  I desperately want to help you. Plus I believe in this program. It helped me throw 95 MPH. I know, from experience, this will help you. Your healthy throwing success begins today.

Guarantee #1 – Your Long Toss Distance Will Increase

At the end of 4 weeks, you will see an increase in the distance you are able to throw. Your arm and body will be able to throw the baseball far. Really far. This kind of long distance throwing is SO good for gaining velocity. Especially when you are in the off season in peak training.

Guarantee #2 – Your Shoulder Recovery Will Increase

I was asked all the time, how did I throw everyday? There is a few reasons, but mostly because the very best tool for shoulder throwing recovery is not resting, its throwing. Even if it was just a certain small amount of throws after a long stretching routine. This freaks out a lot of people, until they try it. Your recovery will be amazing.

Guarantee #3 – Your Velocity Will Increase

You max velocity on the pitchers mound can always be better. This program helped me gain velocity 1 month at a time. I had a plan, stuck to it, and eventually threw 95 MPH. I want this for you. Get the program right now and get started.

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This course is a digital and downloadable




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Disclaimer: This goes without saying, but nobody is guaranteed to throw 95 by purchasing this program. Everyone’s shoulder is different. Zach at is not responsible for any abuse or misuse of this program. All success in life takes hard work. Not all hard work pay off. Sometimes you get hurt, or have bad luck. We are not responsible for your success, or lack there of, in your sport. Do we think this course will really help you? Of course. It took very hard work to acquire the knowledge and create this course. But you may not have the same success zach had. And you may not see changes as quickly as zach did. It may take you longer to gain strength and health. Always consult a medical professional before doing any exercises or activities. We are not responsible for any injuries or negative things that may happen to you the purchaser. Buyers of this course, or those who do not buy this course, sometimes just have bad circumstances and negative things happen to them. That is how life goes. You must take responsibility for your own actions. Keep working hard. I hope the best for you and your career.