Strength Training ad“7 Daily Strength Training Habits For High Velocity Pitchers”

I threw 95 MPH in college and now I am sharing everything I know. Do you really want to throw faster? Train for it. Focus on these 7 things everyday. To download the free checklist. Click below.

By Zach Calhoon



18 Rotator Cuff Exercises – For Everyday Shoulder Health

By Zach Calhoon

Here is the exact workout I did before every throwing sessions. You can have it today.


5 Nutrition Shortcuts To 90+ MPH

By Zach Calhoon

free course smaller - CopyHere is 5 ways you can boost your recovery, add more muscle, and throw faster. This course is 100% Free. I know you will love it.


The Pitchers Throw Cheese Throwing Porgram


By: Zach Calhoon

Here is the exact throwing routine I used to throw 95 MPH. Its pretty intense, and not for everyone.

Here is what you get…

  • The exact amount of throws to accomplish each day
  • The expected effort for each phase of throwing
  • Learn when to long toss
  • Learn when to throw your bullpen
  • Have a plan, and stop guessing


The Rubber Arm Series 

video images frames yea copy


A 6 Week Training Course For Rotator Cuff Strength, Mobility and Pitching Velocity

Learn the exact steps to achieve consistent rotator cuff health and durability. Through 33 videos among 3 courses.



Fastball Muscle: Your First Step to 90+ MPH

“How to train fast twitch functional muscle for pitchers, and stop wasting time.”

By Zach Calhoon

If you want more information about the muscle hacks found in this book, click here.

Ready to grab your own copy right now?

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107 Rotator Cuff Exercises107 Rotator Cuff Exercises

to Build, Protect and Maintain a Healthy Rotator Cuff for Life

By Zach Calhoon

Check out whats inside…

  • Shoulder anatomy breakdown – The joint, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Know your shoulder from the inside out, so you can dominate shoulder health
  • Shoulder movement defined – How your shoulder should move and the exact names for each movement
  • Common shoulder injuries and how they feel – Avoid tears, impingments, instability, arthritis,  and inflammation at all cost
  • Learn 37 stretches and how they increases rotator cuff flexibility and mobility
  • Learn 18 dumbbell exercises that are simple and useful
  • Learn 19 Resistance bands workouts that actually work
  • Learn 11  Shoulder workouts from the floor. Build strength and stability, with no equipment
  • Learn 14 Advanced strength moves that promote big muscle size and strength
  • Plus the exact shortcut I use in maintain shoulder health for life…
  • And much much more

This eBook Makes Rotator Cuff Health Easy…bser

107 Rotator Cuff Exercises






“This Program Took My Fastball To 95 MPH.”


the future

of sports nutrition

 The Throw Cheese Nutrient System takes advantage of hormone manipulation through a new aspect of sports nutrition – Time. Minimizing muscle damage and soreness after a hard workout, increasing protein synthesis, increasing net protein gain, increasing glucose uptake, increasing amino acid transport, increasing blood flow, increasing fat oxidation, increasing glycogen storage post workout and most importantly reaching your high performance goals in less time

By taking full advantage of the Throw Cheese Nutrient System, you can build more lean muscle, lose bad fat, and gain more power on your fastball without changing your current workout or total caloric intake.

This program will not just help you throw the baseball much faster, and it will give you timeless nutrition knowledge that you can use well beyond your baseball career. (Even though I hope you have to retire a long time from now from what you learn here!)

I will show you how apply the latest nutrition research findings to quicken the speed  your body builds muscle, burns fat, and stores energy for your next workout. The number of times per week you will be able to lift hard and throw fast, will amaze you. 


Here is what to expect…

Throw Cheese Nutrient System: The Power Stage CoursePitching

The power stage begins 10 minutes prior to your training, and continues during your training. Here is what you learn for this important stage of muscle growth:

  • Learn what energy systems you use during high intensity training, and what fuel your muscles need during this time frame
  • Learn what hormone changes are occurring and what hormones assist immediately during workouts and throughout your day
  • Specifically learn about cortisol, the enemy hormone (One of the leading causes of performance plateaus).
  • We go over protein balance, and how your training changes your bodies reliance on protein.
  • Learn about muscle fiber damage, the good damage and the bad.Pitching
  • Learn about muscle damage markers and how to neutralize them with nutrients.
  • Learn how to strengthen your immune system by adding certain elements to your diet.
  • You will learn the metabolic activity occurring during your training and why its important.
  • We will also walk through goal prioritization during this stage, what is most important for your muscles right away.
  • Learn how to increase nutrient supply while preserving muscle glycogen and muscle protein.
  • Learn how to increase exercise endurance by adding certain nutrition elements while your train
  • Learn how to minimize muscle damage during training and what you can do to lower negative muscle damage markers.

and most importantly….

Learn how to set up your muscles for faster recovery post workout.

This all starts 10 minutes prior to your training and during your training.

Then we will walk into the exact supplement recommendations to consider during this stage of muscle growth and why.

We will talk about the exact measurements of supplementation during the Power Stage.

The end results…

You train harder, longer and recover faster…

Throw Cheese Nutrient System: The Anabolic Stage CoursePitching

The Anabolic Stage begins immediately following your workout and continues until 120 minutes after your training. Here is the powerful time period when you can change your muscle recovery by spiking certain hormones and increasing nutrient availability. The Anabolic Stage course is full of published studies that show vital importance of nutrient intervention during this stage of muscle growth.

Here is what you learn in this course…Pitching

  • Protein turnover, how your body uses protein during training and continues to break it down after your training. (Good news, you can stop it)
  • You learn about the anabolic switch that takes place by nutrient intervention
  • You learn how the added blood flow from training, that can be used to transport required nutrients
  • You will learn about insulin resistance
  • You will see studies comparing certain timing of nutrients and the dramatic results
  • You will compare studies regarding amino acid uptake and protein synthesis

We also walk through the goals of anabolic stage nutrition

  • How to shift you metabolic state of your muscles
  • How to increase metabolic waste removal after exercise
  • How to restore muscle glycogen
  • How to initiate proper muscle repair
  • How to reduce muscle damage post workout and strengthen immune system

You will also see studies that compare different post workout susupplementation and the net result

  • You will see the difference between carbohydrate vs amino acid vs carbohydrate/amino acid supplementation
  • You will see antioxidant supplementation studies and how it reduces muscle damage

And next…

Then we walk through the exact supplementation to consider during the Anabolic Stage of muscle growth. Including measurements based on your weight and size. So you can customize your nutrient needs.

The result…

You  recover faster and gain more strength per workout. Your fastball velocity increases in LESS time.

Throw Cheese Nutrient System: The Rebuild Stage CoursePitching

After a successful application of the Anabolic Stage, the Rebuild Stage begins and continues until the next time you train the following day. This course, teaches you how to maintain the metabolic levels of activity throughout you entire day. Which leads to quicker muscle development and greater net growth from workouts.  

Here is what you will learn in the Rebuild Stage…Pitching

  • How to maintain insulin levels throughout your recovery, and studies to show why this is good as an elite athlete
  • How to maintain protein synthesis during the rebuild stage
  • How to maintain a positive nitrogen balance 
  • You will learn the optimal amount of protein to consume each day, based on studies presented
  • How protein turnover can lead to greater synthesis rather than degradation with rebuild stage nutrition

Then, learn the exact supplementation during the Rebuild Stage to maximize muscle growth throughout your day.

This consistent gain during your recovery period leads incredible strength gains that help you have more strength on the pitchers mound. 

The results…

You maximize your strength gain and recovery by supplying your system correctly during the 24 hour muscle growth cycle. Leading to faster recovery for your next hard workout.

Your Fastball Velocity

5+ MPH Guarantee

The 5 MPH fastball velocity gurantee is this…

If you do not see you fastball increase by 5 MPH. Than you can have your money back.

Yes really…

I am so confidant in this course, that if you do not love every bit of it, it is 100% free.

Yes really…

That means if for any reason you do no love this program, you can ask for your money back, and still keep the courses.

Yes really…

So you can keep these courses, reference them over and over, and you won’t owe me anything.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to help you. I want to make a difference in your life. If I dont make you an awesome pitcher, than dang it, you should not have to pay anything.

How long does this guarantee last? 365 days. Yes really, an entire year. You can try this course 100% Risk Free.

365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love these courses, email me at and you can have your money back. No questions asked and no hard feelings. There is ZERO risk in trying these courses (Don’t worry, You will love it). After you complete this course, you will know more knowledge than 99% of baseball players and coaches. Giving you the edge you to train harder, recover sooner and  throw faster. When you hit a new fastball velocity record, please let know. I cant wait to hear about it!

The current cost of the Throw Cheese Nutrient System Power Stage is discounted from

$47.00 to $19.00


The current cost of the Throw Cheese Nutrient System Anabolic Stage is discounted from

$47.00 to $19.87


The current cost of the Throw Cheese Nutrient System Rebuild Stage is discounted from

$47.00 $23.50


That is a total value of $141.00 in elite athlete nutrition courses. Today is a grand total cost of


package tcns

But Wait….

If you purchase the 3 Throw Cheese Nutrient System courses together right now,

the Rebuild Stage is free.

For a grand total of only


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Here’s to you becoming the elite educated athlete you always dreamed. Lets change baseball together. Let change the world.zach cropped

Thank you for your support!





Zach Calhoon

-Changing pitchers lives all over the world-

PS: Imagine what it will feel like to throw gas. The glove pops and the hitters cant come close.

PSS: Imagine striking outing the last hitter of the game and yelling with excitement.

PSSS: Imagine the look on everyone’s face, when they see you throw cheese. Get started today.



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