Hey guys,

If you are at this site, you have probably purchased one of my training courses.

That’s awesome!

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10 dollars

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As a student of mine, I consider you a valued friend. Someone who knows a great opportunity when they see it. So I would love to pay you back.

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If you refer a friend and they buy a course, I will give you $10.00

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So here is how this works.

Step 1 – You refer a friend, either by email or by phone or whatever you desire.

Step 2 – they buy the course

Step 3 – You ask your friend “Hey bud, did you buy the course I recommended?” They say yes thanks I love you

Step 4 – You email me a picture of them replying to your email or text. Along with their purchase email.

Step 5 – I look up there email in my database and confirm they did actually buy the course.

Step 6 — I pay you $10.00 per course referral purchase. So if 6 of your friends buy a course, and you send me proof of their 6 emails (with a simple picture of their email), I will send you $60.00 dollars. I only use paypal to do payouts. So you need to sign up for a free account. Its easy and only takes a minute. www.paypal.com

Step 7 – They get a great course that helps them get better, you get paid. Everyone is happy.

Does that sound awesome? Yes it does!

Why Am I doing this?

Well I want to pay you guys back for your hard work and your loyalty. Yes, it takes a lot of time and money to make and sell things on the internet. But with your help, we can get this message to the world. And make a little extra cash on the side.

In the future, I will use an automated system for all of this. But for now, you can email, text or facebook your friends and get them to buy. Then just ask them if they purchased the course. If they say yes, awesome.

A pro tip: Don’t be weird about referring people. Just tell them, “Hey man, I found an awesome course online and I think it will help you too. It has helped me get better. I think its perfect for you. Plus if you buy this I get $10.00 back from my purchase. You can refer somone too and get $10.00 back too! Sweet right? Message me back when you buy it! Then I can claim my referral. Thanks!”

How To Forward the course recommendation?

Use these links to help spread the word about these course. You can copy and past the information below.

Best Seller Throw Cheese Products Read Here…

1) Nutrition Performance Course- Throw Cheese Nutrient System – Link

package tcns

2) A 6 Week Rotator Cuff Training Course: The Rubber Arm Series – Link


How to get paid?

You need 3 things

1- a paypal account: You will send me your paypal email.

2 – the email of the person who purchased the course (so I can look it up)

3 – Proof, a picture you guys talked about the course and he bought because of your. A simple picture with the conversation will do. Like this, “Hey did you buy that course? Yes I did. Cool, whats your email you used? My email is zach@email.com…” That was an example conversation. I am sure you understand?

Next step,

Once you refer someone (or a lot of people) and they buy a course, email me at zach@pitchersthrowcheese.com with the proof. Then boom I will paypal you the money that week.

Wow! You get paid, pitchers get better and lifes change all over the world. This is great…

I cant wait to hear from you,