18 Rotator Cuff Exercises Required For Every Day Shoulder Health

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Zach Calhoon


Hi I am Zach Calhoon, head editor of pitchersthrowcheese.com

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For years I used my rotator cuff throwing the baseball every single day. Being a pitcher, who cares about his arm and lives and dies by shoulder health, the idea of throwing the baseball every day [with no rest day], is stupid.

I had so many pitchers tell me that I was “crazy” and that I would “get hurt.”

Here is the thing… I never had a shoulder problem. Actually, I had consistent shoulder strength and health.

Contrary to what people thought, resting my arm was not something I needed.

“How is 100% shoulder health possible?” Let me show you…

My shoulder health secret was not because I was a freak athlete or “lucky.”

It was because I had an exact system in place to position my arm for strength, flexibility and health.

Today I am revealing the 18 Rotator Cuff Exercises I did every single day before a throwing session, and after a weight room lift. This routine helped me be a successful division 1 pitcher. Oh yea, I also used this system to throw 95 MPH.

It is safe to say, I used my shoulder more than any other athlete. Yet had no problems. My rotator cuff exercise routine was exactly the same. Most importantly, it works.

I tell my students “You are required to do this every day…”

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